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Why should you Strongly contemplate Advertising on Google?

Google is hands-down the most dominating and advanced platform on the world wide web. It's the best advertising network there is.


The reason why you should advertise on Google - It's simple and you can reach out to a huge chunk of your target audience.


For example, if someone searches for “Black Shoes for Men” Google will display ads of Black shoes as well as ads of businesses that sell black shoes.


This means you can reach out to your target audience looking for the products and services you sell.



Is Google advertising suitable


for my needs?


Google advertising is suitable for businesses of all types.


The important question to consider is whether Google Ads is the optimal advertising platform aligned with your current objectives.


Equally important is assessing whether your online sales funnel can effectively handle incoming traffic generated through Google Ads and successfully convert them into paying customers.


Our team of experts will guide you through these inquiries, ensuring you gain a comprehensive understanding.



We Drive Results


Similar to our overall approach, we take a comprehensive stance on online marketing.


Initially, we will ensure the readiness of your online marketing funnel to effectively transform Google-generated traffic into potential leads or sales. This entails a thorough assessment of every aspect of your funnel: from your website's call-to-action and copy, to its loading speed and the quality of your reviews and listings. Our goal is to guarantee a successful conversion rate when running Google Ads.



Pricing & FAQ

How much does Macon Money Marketing Agency's Google Advertising cost?

Our Google Ads campaign begin from $1,000 for a minimum 3-months time period. 


The reason why we offer a minimum 3-months package is that it allows us to optimize our campaigns in an efficient manner, leading to a much better ROI.

What's a marketing funnel?

Marketing comprises of two major elements:

1. Traffic

2. Conversions

These elements are further broken down into different steps as well as attributes. For example, if you are running Google Advertising campaign, then you should make sure that your website is prepared to handle all that incoming traffic from Google. That's the only way you will be able to turn a maximum number of them into paying customers.

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Running strategically-planned Google Advertising campaigns can help you attract a world full of traffic towards your website. 


However, you should make sure that your website is fully-prepared to convert that traffic into paying customers. 


Our Google Advertising experts would love to prepare a well-thought Google Ads strategy for your business to help you generate maximum sales and attract high-quality traffic to your website.


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