Execute Effective Facebook Advertising Campaigns for Business Growth Through Tangible Results!

Macon Money Marketing Experts excel in creating and executing exceptionally unique Facebook advertising campaigns. These campaigns are strategically crafted not only to generate click-throughs from your audience but also to effectively convert them into satisfied buyers of your products or services.

Facebook Advertising offers remarkable returns on investment (ROI) for both service providers and retailers, providing significant value to both sectors.

Service Providers

Service providers want to - Reach a certain section audience in the market for their services & promote an offer to them

Generating Quality Leads


Retail locations want to - Reach a specific audience in close proximity that responds to promotions

Generating Quality Walk-ins

Why Should You Give Facebook Advertising a Serious Thought?

With hundreds of targeting parameters at your disposal, Facebook enables you to precisely filter your target audience from its 2.2 billion users. This ensures you connect with the most relevant individuals. Undoubtedly, it stands as the premier display advertising solution available.


Facebook Advertising is exceptionally suited for various campaigns, including local awareness, eCommerce sales, online visits, and lead generation.


Macon Money Marketing Has Partnerd With - A 100% Certified Facebook Award Winning Agency

Our partnered agency stands out as a recipient of the prestigious Facebook Award, showcasing its excellence in handling over 5,000 Facebook Advertising campaigns for small businesses each month.\


Rest assured, our track record speaks for itself – the outcomes we achieve are unparalleled by any other.

Below are the components of our "A-Z Facebook Ads Done For You" package:

We will manage everything on your behalf. Here's what you'll receive:

1) A comprehensive Facebook Ads strategy
2) Proficient ad creation and compelling copywriting

3) Precise audience targeting to maximize reach

4) Clear and concise performance reports
5) Ongoing support to achieve optimal results

6) Continuous monitoring and campaign optimization


Pricing & FAQ

Does Macon Money Marketing handle all forms of Facebook advertising?

Yes! We are the Facebook experts and we'll help you with anything and everything you'll ever need.

What's the pricing structure?

We charge $200 for full-service campaigns. Most campaigns cost businesses about $1,000 for three a time period of 3 months. We recommend businesses to allow us to run Facebook advertising campaigns for at least three months to help us make the maximum impact.

Facebook Advertising vs Google Advertising: How Do They Differ?

Each holds its own effectiveness. Google Advertising allows you to connect with an audience actively seeking services you offer in their vicinity. In contrast, Facebook reaches a broader audience. Occasionally, Facebook Advertising delivers a superior return on investment compared to Google Advertising.

Do you run Instagram Advertising campaigns?

Yes! You'll be glad to know that our Facebook Advertising service also includes Instagram advertising, helping you reach out to your audience on Instagram.

How much will lead generation via Facebook Advertising cost?

Depends! The cost will be based on different factors like your online presence, brand, niche, location, time of the year, etc.

Got more questions?

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Maximize the power of Facebook advertising as a primary means to attract high-quality traffic to your website and, in turn, convert them into valuable paying customers.


Tap into the immense potential of its extensive 2.2 billion userbase, utilizing its advanced targeting capabilities to engage potential buyers who are most predisposed to connect with your offerings.


Engage with our team of Facebook advertising experts to promptly launch your inaugural Facebook advertising campaign.


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