Multiply your conversions by 2 to 4 times through AI chatbot customer service!

AI-powered chatbots either replace or enhance live chat representatives around the clock, delivering reliable outcomes at a fraction of the cost.

Assured improvement in lead generation and sales for your website, E-Commerce store, or Facebook page, with a guaranteed increase of 2 to 10 times.

AI Chatbots: Your 24/7 Sales Representative!


Optimize Your Marketing Budget's Potential with Our AI-Powered Chatbots.


Our cutting-edge chatbots interact with your online visitors, skillfully capturing and evaluating leads, independently steering sales conversions, and seamlessly connecting customers with your top-performing agents.


Leverage the capabilities of AI bots to simplify the process of gathering and qualifying leads. With this advancement, your team can concentrate on nurturing leads genuinely interested in making a purchase, as the bots manage interactions with all other potential customers.

Unlock the Full Potential of an

AI 24/7 Sales Rep!

Seeking to streamline appointment bookings and provide easy access to crucial information for your customers?


Interested in enhancing product or service sales, or incorporating conversational selling on your store or Facebook page?


No matter your industry, our AI-driven chatbots are here to assist you. Through Macon Money Marekting's  Superbots, effortlessly captivate users on your website and social media channels, effectively converting them into leads or dedicated paying customers.

Professionally Crafted Bot Development & Configuration Service Provided by Our Competent Experts

Simply provide us with your requirements and business objectives, and we'll design a bot that exceeds current conversion funnel standards.


Our comprehensive service encompasses the entire process, including crafting the chatbot script, offering Natural Language Processing training, and seamlessly integrating it into your website, online store, or Facebook page.


Our proficient specialists will assist you throughout the process. Moreover, our pricing is the most competitive in the area.

Pricing & FAQ


Can I completely personalize the bots?

Certainly! We'll manage all aspects of your business from the outset. If you desire additional content and bot customization, feel free to share your preferences during the requirements collection stage.

What is the cost of AI-based chatbots?

For AI-based chatbots, we charge a $50-$200 monthly subscription fee and setup depending on the bot's complexity. For example, a bot that's integrated to a payment gateway like Stripe will cost more. 

Basic Setup: $250

Complex Setup: Up to $1,000

What about NLP?

Indeed, we incorporate Natural Language Processing (NLP), enabling you to train the bots to respond to even the most intricate queries your customers or target audience might pose.

Should my business be using AI chatbots?

Certainly! AI-powered chatbots offer advantages to all types of businesses. Whether you operate an E-Commerce store aiming to enhance product sales or a consulting agency focused on generating more leads, AI-based chatbots will provide valuable assistance at every stage of your journey.

How does the integration of AI chatbots with my system work?

It's a straightforward process. Our specialists will seamlessly integrate AI chatbots with your mailing system, CRM, or any other platform using Zapier or direct API connections.

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Incorporate AI-driven chatbots for precise information delivery to your clients, elevating your conversion rate and effectively reaching your business objectives.


Simply reach out to one of our specialists, and they will assist you in constructing and executing an impeccable AI chatbot implementation strategy tailored to your business goals.

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