Promote your Business to an extensive opt-in list of 150 million records, equipped with over 700 precise targeting parameters!

Tap into our 150M Strong Email List

Leverage our comprehensive email marketing solution to access our robust email list of 150 million contacts, enhanced by over 700 targeting parameters.


For instance, if you operate an insurance agency, you can reach out to individuals interested in procuring an insurance policy.

Email is One of the Oldest, Yet Most Effective Modes of Communication. 

Over 50% of individuals in the United States check their personal email accounts 10 or more times daily, considering it their preferred method for receiving the latest brand updates.


In addition, over 59% of marketers report experiencing a positive return on investment from email marketing.


Businesses that implement segmented campaigns have observed a substantial 760% increase in revenue.

More than 700 Precise Targeting Parameters.

Macon Money Markeing Agency possesses an expansive, extensively categorized, and regularly updated opt-in consumer list spanning the entire nation.


With over 700 segmentation options at your disposal, you can categorize based on factors such as family size, location, ages of children, ages of parents, households with elderly members, and more.




Allow us to assist you in initiating your email marketing campaign(s).

Our specialists are enthusiastic about diving into the entire process alongside you – from crafting impeccable email content to suggesting optimal promotions (drawing from our repository of 100+ case studies), crafting segmented recipient lists, ensuring smooth delivery, and furnishing comprehensive reports.


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Pricing and FAQ

What will it cost me?

What we charge depends on the size of the campaigns you run plus the setup costs. The more emails you send, or the Higher the amount of emails you send.


For 50,000 emails, you'll be charged $1,000.

For 200,000 emails, you'll be charged $800 for every 50,000 emails.

Is the list updated regularly?

Yes, we regularly update and clean our list.

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Email marketing stands as one of the original digital marketing strategies that has propelled numerous businesses to new heights of success. Capitalizing on Macon Money Marketing's extensive 150 million-record opt-in list and its array of over 700 targeting parameters, you can execute email marketing campaigns that yield tangible outcomes.


Our experts are genuinely enthusiastic about orchestrating the ideal email marketing campaign for you, propelling your business to the next echelon of achievement.


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