Where Is Your Business? Simplifying the Administration of Your Brand's Online Presence and Information Has Never Been This Easy!

Harness the capabilities of our comprehensive business and voice search directory solutions to effortlessly manage your brand's information across over 70 websites, all through a unified and centralized platform.

25X Online Exposure.  


Immerse yourself in unmatched information distribution across platforms such as Facebook, Apple Maps, Google My Business, and more than 100 additional third-party apps, social networks, and mapping services.


With a mere click of a button, your information across diverse websites will be instantly and automatically updated.


Distinguish yourself from competitors and achieve conversions effectively.

Forge a standout presence among your rivals and captivate an extensive audience by distributing comprehensive information across the digital realm.


Showcase textual content, videos, and images highlighting your menus, bios, and products. Ensure instant updates across more than 70 notable websites, social networks, and applications, all smoothly orchestrated from a central hub.


Efficiently manage the entire


process through automation.


Businesses frequently update their information, whether it's about offering a special discount, updating a new biography, announcing the recent opening of a store, or revising contact details. With a simple tap, you can seamlessly synchronize all these updates across multiple websites.


Bid farewell to inaccurate information and customer discontent!


Elevate Your Business for Voice Search!

Over 50% of searches are currently performed using voice commands.


A growing population is embracing devices and applications such as Google Assistant, Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, and more to execute intricate searches. For example: "Alexa, find an available Indian restaurant nearby serving Punjabi cuisine."


With Macon Money Marketing's business and voice search directory solutions, you can ensure the precise alignment of all your business information across various web search engines, whether the inquiries are text-based or voice-initiated.


This ensures a seamless discovery of your business for potential customers.


Introducing: Direct Connections!


2.7 Times Greater Likelihood of Being Seen as Trustworthy


50% Increased Likelihood of Resulting in a Purchase


70% Higher Probability of Drawing Location Visits


Complete business listings receive 7 Times More Clicks than Incomplete Listings!


Pricing & FAQ

What's the pricing structure for business and voice search listings?

We offer the most affordable pricing structure globally. Subscribe to our service for $50 each month or just $900 for a single location. We also offer bundled packages as well as special discounts for multiple locations. 

What's included here?

Your business information will be stored on more than 70 directories or high-profile websites, and you can update all of it, depending on your requirements at the touch of a button.

You can update business contact info, team bios, address, products, menus, coupons, coupons, and so much more. Also don't forget the images and videos. 

With full reporting dashboard, you can view and access clicks and views across different sites plus review status.

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Effortlessly manage and update your business information across more than 70 well-regarded websites and business directories using Macon Money Marketing's exceptional Business & Voice Search Listing solution.


Eliminate inconsistent information spread across different platforms that can lead to confusion and a negative impression among clients and your target audience.


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